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The Restaurant

Millie's Bruncheonette is a new concept from local restaurateurs Skylar Bird and Kate Attinello. After passing by the building in late 2019, they began a years-long project to acquire the property, which was previously owned Flemington Borough and the State of New Jersey. Under their creative supervision, the building will undergo a complete retro-vation to transform it back into a vintage style filling station.  

Millie's is the namesake of Skylar and Katie's maternal grandmothers, who both happened to go by the same nickname. The menu plans to offer scratch-made classic breakfast and lunch dishes with a hint of their family's Pennsylvania Dutch and German heritage. They drew inspiration for their design by researching and visiting post-war gas stations that were once viewed as symbols of modernization and renewal. Katie and Skylar are excited to get the Filling Station fueling again in 2024; this time with hot coffee and some good old-fashioned hospitality!


Your Hosts


Katie Attinello

Leiderhosen 3.jpg

Skylar Bird

Katie was born in Bucks County, PA and grew up in Hunterdon County. Through high school and college, she worked as a counter girl at the amazing Bridge Café in Frenchtown, her first restaurant job. Katie is a graduate of Ramapo College of NJ, where she studied creative writing and interned with Hearst Magazines. Katie enjoys working with commercial and residential interior design, as well as the history and modernization of architecture and landscaping.

Skylar was born in Flemington and grew up in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. He began working in restaurants at a young age and opened his first business, Blue Moose, at age 18. He is a graduate of the French Culinary Institute of New York City. Skylar is passionate about salvaging and repurposing historic architecture, and carefully researched and designed the exterior of Millie's. In his spare time, Skylar enjoys cooking, DIY, and aviation.

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